3: Takenaka Yuu

The Empress



Yuu is the eldest daughter of the Takenaka family, fox-blooded humans who tend the Imperial Shrine upon Okinoshima. Along with her parents and two younger sisters, she dwells at the shrine, often performing the duties of shrine priestess and effective liaison between the Spiritfolk and Youkai of the island. Her natural beauty and charm has made Yuu well suited for this task, and she is well-liked by both the more mundane residents and the Youkai, who respect her strength of personality.

Also running through Yuu, however, is a powerful rebellious streak, and she often skips duties, vanishes when she’s needed, and disobeys rules for the simple joy of breaking them. This aspect of her personality has caused her father no end of frustration, and she has come to view being lectured or punished by him as a routine affair – punishments which she frequently ignores or twists to her own benefit.

Partly as part of her training as a shrine maiden, and partly for her own enjoyment, Yuu has trained extensively in both dance and the wielding of a ceremonial naginata, two arts which she has managed to fuse into a discipline both hypnotic and deadly. Her martial prowess, though disapproved of by her father, is well-respected by others, and she often attends the island’s sword school to train under Iori Motomenosuke, usually when she should be seeing to some other duty.

Recently, Yuu has noticed the affections of a crass, pompadour-headed Badger Youkai known only as Taiichi. His romantic overtures cause her no small conflict for, although she enjoys the attention, the lack of other humans on the island has caused her to be rather naive in certain matters, especially those pertaining to men. For the moment, she seeks to keep him at arm’s length, neither accepting his affections nor outright rejecting them.

Appearance and Demeanor

Takenaka Yuu is a girl of eighteen years who has recently come into the full bloom of her beauty. She stands a demure five feet and three inches tall, with straight black hair and a smooth fox tail that speaks of her ancestry, but Yuu’s graceful, athletic build puts from mind any notions of weakness in her physique. Her preferred apparel consists of simple, mobile cloth garb in light colors, preferably purple, with a matching skirt and belt. Often, however, she is forced to wear her shrine maiden garb, a much more bulky affair in bright red and white colors. The headband and large ribbon she uses to hold back her hair are the only accessories she will not relinquish, and she is known to possess a matching color of which for every outfit she owns.

A strong aura of confidence is Yuu’s most defining trait, and she radiates a seeming of competence whatever task she is engaged in. Whether this apparent skill is true or merely and illusion varies wildly between activities. Yuu is also well-aware of her own beauty, and its use in manipulating others, though in areas of actual romance she remains naive.

3: Takenaka Yuu

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