6: Awrthyr Gentlestar

The Lovers


As the eldest son of the noble Gentlestar family, Awrthyr Gentlestar has enjoyed a life of comfort and luxury. Standing tall for a human and average for an Elf, his fair features are described as “handsome” by the romantic, and “pretty” by the practical. Long, golden hair adds to the effect, as does his penchant for wearing expensive golden jewelry and an extensive wardrobe of all the most fashionable clothes. Though extremely popular with the ladies, it’s often rumored that Awrthyr prefers the company of men – rumors he has chosen to neither confirm nor deny. Despite his appearance and obvious naivete, however, he boasts a powerful intellect, and moves with an almost unearthly grace. These qualities have driven him to the study of dance magic, and he took at once to wearing a long scarf with carefully-concealed blades as a means of self defense; a precaution that was quickly shown to be necessary with such an open display of wealth on his person.

Going on an adventure was a fabulous idea. With this teleportation stone I purchased, I shall be in, out, and back with the artifact in time for tea. Little Foebreaker has proven himself to be quite capable, and I’ve been practicing my steps myself, so there’s absolutely nothing to fear. Of course, it always pays to be cautious, so I’ve invited my sister along. She’s such a worrywort, and so stiff since she joined that stuffy church. A good adventure is just what she needs to relax, and maybe once she sees how capable I am now, she’ll stop worrying over me every hour of the day. That does seem a long shot – but it’s worth a try. The only worry is this dreadfully creepy “demolitionist” I hired to help get rid of any inconvenient doors or walls down there. He continues to give me strange looks, and that pallid skin borders on vulgar. He was cheap, however, and I can’t very well complain about that. With the money I saved on both him and the teleportation stone, why, the adventure’s practically free! Mother would be so proud of this financial victory.
Ah! There she is now. Fine, beautiful Ærhyn. Now that she- …Oh dear, what has she done with her hair? Did they force her to cut it like that at the church? Better not to mention it, I think. Now then, how do I work this stone?

6: Awrthyr Gentlestar

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