8: Tenrai Kaijitsu



Tenrai Kaijitsu, youngest daughter of the Kaijitsu family in Sandpoint, was often overlooked by her father in favor of her older siblings Ameiko and Tsuto. She was raised mostly by the family’s attendants, and taught the trades of glasswork and jewelry while her parent’s attentions were devoted elsewhere. As a result, Tenrai was mostly removed from the events that shattered the Kaijitsu family, her brother killing her father and vanishing shortly after, and Ameiko departing on her own adventure. The sudden disappearance of all her family members suddenly left Tenrai as the sole proprietor of the Kaijitsu estate.

Seeing Ameiko’s capricious lifestyle and lack of responsibility as a small betrayal, and hurt by her disappearance at the family’s time of need, Tenrai devoted herself to tradition, attempting to take on full responsibility as the heir, despite the title officially belonging to her sister. She trained in the martial arts, studied her hereditary languages of Tien and Minkaian, and became a devout follower of Abadar, worshiping him in the Tian Xia fashion, rather than the local methods used at the Sandpoint Chapel.

When Ameiko returned a year later, Tenrai had mixed feelings. Though in reality she cares deeply for her sister, she was greatly frustrated by Ameiko’s refusal to rejoin the estate, instead purchasing and managing the Rusty Dragon tavern. The sisters currently have a somewhat strained relationship, though Tenrai sometimes works as a waitress at the tavern in an effort to maintain their friendship.

If Ameiko were to leave Sandpoint again, Tenrai would follow her, albeit belatedly, in order to keep her sister safe. Though she would be loathe to leave civilization, and dislikes the kind of rough, capricious lifestyle offered by a caravan, she views Ameiko as her last bond with the Kaijitsu family and, despite her efforts, the Kaijitsu Estate and Glassworks would continue functioning perfectly well without her involvement.

Physically, Tenrai Kaijitsu stands at average height, with a light build, and holds herself with a curious mix of stiffness and grace. Her hair is long and dark, falling to her waist, and she shares her sister’s shock-white bangs, parted into two tassels that frame her face and fall to her shoulders. Whenever Tenrai feels she is working in a formal capacity, she wears the long white and red robes of a priestess, replete with voluminous sleeves and a belt of golden keys strung across the chest. When in battle, this attire is complemented by armor of the same colors and style, with a polished Naginata strapped securely to her back.

8: Tenrai Kaijitsu

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