5: Alazne

The Hierophant



Born the accursed offspring of a Phistophilus Devil and an unfortunate Nymph, Alazne made her way into the city of Korvosa through unknown means while she was still an infant. Seen as something of a curiosity or exotic good, she was taken in and traded between affluent houses for a time, those eccentrics who thought it amusing to care for such a strange creature. Each family that she stayed with, however, met with some horrible misfortune, and Alazne was quickly marked as a harbinger of ill-omen, and abandoned in the streets.

Before long, the wandering Forlarren was picked up by one Gaedren Lamm, who saw in her fiendish resilience an opportunity for a strong, indefatigable laborer. For many years, Alazne worked for Gaedren, being fed just enough to survive, and being beaten on almost a daily basis. A normal child would have died, and, indeed, many other children kept by the man met this fate, but her accursed heritage kept her alive.

On one job for Gaedren, Alazne stumbled across an amulet bearing a curious five-pointed star, burned and scored deep into the material. She kept the trinket for several days, treasuring it, and enjoying the increased luck that it seemed to bring her. Before long, however, Gaedron discovered the amulet and, recognizing the symbol of Asmodeus, flew into a rage, crushing the unholy symbol beneath his boot. The beating he gave Alazne that night was one of his most brutal, and the young Forlarren was left bloody and broken, but somehow still alive.

When Gaedren had finally fallen asleep in a drunken stupor, Alazne stole away from his ramshackle residence. Lacking any sort of direction, driven only by a survival instinct to get as far away from the man as possible, she staggered through the streets aimlessly, eventually coming to a large stone building in the shape of a five-pointed star.

The clerics of the Temple of Asmodeus were surprised to find a half-fiend creature unconscious on their doorstep, but took Alazne in without question. In the dark halls of the temple’s pentagram, she was hidden safely from those who wished her harm, Gaedren in particular, and taught of her heritage and of the Asmodean ways. Alazne showed a remarkable aptitude for contracts and legal language, a skill much prized within the religion, and was soon inducted as a Cleric.

Now, her training complete, Alazne has returned to the streets of Korvosa as a full Cleric of Asmodeus. Though many years have passed, she remembers the horrors she suffered at the hands of many affluent nobles as well as the less savory Gaedren Lamm. Revenge is in order, and against Gaedren in particular.

Appearance and Demeanor

Few would describe Alazne as attractive. Her gray skin, yellow eyes, and lanky black hair all combine to give her a sinister appearance. The crown of ridge-like horns on her head and the cloven hooves she bears in lieu of feet complete the effect. When speaking to people, Alazne makes unconscious, complex gestures with her clawed hands, and almost always bears a wicked smile or gin. The overall result is to give those normal people who deal with her a strong sense of unease.

Normally, Alazne wears a simple chainmail shirt along with a pair of dark leader slacks, modified to make room for her hooves. The chain is covered with a dark red tabard, bearing the five-pointed star of Asmodeus. This symbol can easily be removed for more delicate dealings, but Alazne rarely bothers, her appearance being enough of a clue to her infernal allegiance.

5: Alazne

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