XVIII: Neferankhen

The Moon



Neferankhen (Nefkhan or just Nef for short) was born into a prestigious Nebkan family, noted for producing many great Wizards through the Great Library of the Necropolis. The family’s name is not important, as Neferankhen herself does not remember it. From a very young age, Nef began to show signs of supernatural magical ability, casting simple spells and producing effects without accomplishing any of the known necessary procedures. Fearing demonic possession or worse, but unable to bring themselves to kill the young Elf, her parents sent her anonymously to a small orphanage along the banks of the Iteru river, then set about erasing all evidence of her existence.

In this orphanage, Neferankhen was cared for by a wizened, blind Nebkan called Old Kebban. Somehow sensing, despite her young age, that her magic was the reason for her abandonment, Nef did her best to hide her talent, using it only when no-one, save the sightless Kebban was around. Under the old Elf’s gentle tutelage, Neferankhen received a basic education, and grew into a healthy and studious young woman, obviously more intelligent than her peers. Sensing her aptitude, Kebban urged his young charge to attend the Great Library, knowing that she could become quite an accomplished mage. With a minimum of coercion from the old man, Neferankhen decided to follow his advice and make an attempt at higher education, despite her anomalous magic.

The first year at the Library was amazing for Neferankhen. A brilliant young Elf by anyone’s estimations, she devoured the curriculum with zeal, particularly excelling in the ancient Nebkan precepts of engineering and mathematics. Those magical parts of her education she breezed through, using her natural magical talents and a fake spellbook to create the illusion of properly constructed and formulated spells. Pleased with her accomplishment, Neferankhen returned to Old Kebban before her next year of schooling, who happily shared in celebrating her success and good fortune.

Returning to the Necropolis for her second year, however, Neferankhen met with an unexpected challenge. While she still had little trouble handling the academic portion of the curriculum, the magical courses were becoming more and more advanced, requiring spells that were simply too complex for her natural abilities to replicate. Though she tried many times over to produce spells through the normal, logical methods taught in class, the magic simply would not come, and, near the end of the second year of her schooling at the Great Library, Neferankhen was forced to drop out.

Appearance and Demeanor

Neferankhen is short for an Elf, and slight of build, standing only 68 inches tall. She wears her black hair cropped evenly at shoulder height, and kept out of her face by way of a golden hairband. Though undeniably attractive, she is still quite young and her features fall more on the side of “cute” rather than “beautiful”.

Having been raised in the scorching deserts of Nebka, Neferankhen favors loose silk clothing that provides for common modesty, but might be considered scandalous in more conservative parts of the world. Her outfit is accented with hanging golden chains and long strands of diaphanous white silk, as well as a shining arm clasp, carved in the likeness of a staring mask – symbol of the god Nethys.

Those meeting Nef for the first time find her rather charming and a good conversationalist, but are struck with the impression that she is somehow trying to make herself smaller. She stays apart from others unless approached. A more perceptive observer might notice she seems slightly paranoid, obsessively checking her spellbook and component pouch, and holds the general air of someone hiding a great secret.

Key Traits

  • Is ashamed of her ability to use magic naturally, feeling as though she is somehow “cheating”.
  • Despite her obvious intelligence and aptitude, has feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem following her expulsion from the Great Library.
  • Frequently blushes and has a generally apologetic demeanor.
  • Still carries a spellbook and goes to great lengths to convince others that she is a normal Wizard.
  • Likes cats and the color yellow.

XVIII: Neferankhen

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